I’ve Found My Niche

I sit here this morning with my coffee and my new fur baby, Coco, and I’m inspired to share with you a brutally honest realization I’ve come to about myself. This is new territory for me so please bear with me as I give you a brief backstory. I’ve always considered myself a “student” ofContinue reading “I’ve Found My Niche”

It’s Not Always Easy

Homesteading is a very rewarding lifestyle. I will never change my mind about that. But one thing I will remind you as you start on your journey, it will not always be easy. I’m not just talking about the work that is involved with starting and successfully running your homestead. I’m also talking about theContinue reading “It’s Not Always Easy”

Bye-Bye Black Thumb…

So here I am, not quite a month into my new lifestyle and the things I’m learning and applying are so exciting to me. My kids will tell you that throughout their lives I was known to have a black – not brown, not light-green – black thumb. Our home was where luscious, beautiful plantsContinue reading “Bye-Bye Black Thumb…”

You’re Going to Do What?!?

I heard this a LOT when I said I was adopting the lifestyle of a homesteader. I got the confused looks (the same ones I used to give people for the same reason), I got the “are you crazy?” question and every variation that came with it. I still get them and that’s ok. InContinue reading “You’re Going to Do What?!?”

Wasted Days, Wasted Nights, Wasted Years

I am a snob. No, correction, I was a snob. For years, I had heard about the homesteading lifestyle but didn’t fully understand it. I’d heard of “preppers” and thought it was a bunch of crazy people with camo-painted faces, living in the woods eating twigs and berries over an open campfire and hiding fromContinue reading “Wasted Days, Wasted Nights, Wasted Years”